Saturday, May 15, 2010

Reilly and Mason

Reilly and Mason have been friends since they were babies. In fact, Mason was Reilly's first friend. They used to have "playdates" before they were old enough to have playdates. Here they are at 7 months old and 5 months old - the first picture I have have them together.
Anyways...that was the set up to my real story. Over the last 4 years it has been fun to watch Reilly grow up, but I have especially enjoyed watching her friendship with Mason develop since they have been friends for so long. I remember when Reilly first could say Jaime and Tayler (Mason's parents names), and then when she would get so excited to see Mason walk into school, and how she would come home telling us stories about what her and Mason did today.

Well I think we have hit a new milestone. Reilly and Mason now share stories at school. Reilly came home the other day and said "GUESS what Mommy!!??" "Mason's dog ALSO pooped in the house" I asked her how she knew that, and she said because we were talking about our dogs today...

"I told Mason about Buzz pooping in the house...and you know what? Mason was with his Pop and their dog also pooped in the garage. Gross, right"
HILARIOUS!!! I love that they share these stories about dog poop!

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Second Shift Mommy said...

Ah! Look how big Mason's head was compared to Reilly's! That was their first playdate - at your house. I love the stories they come home with too. And I was just thinking recently about when Mason used to identify "Mike's car" on the road. (Any blue SUV).