Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Play Time with Brooke

Brooke is getting a lot of personality now. She knows her name and responds to it and loves to play with her family. We were getting ready for a bath the other night and decided to hang out and get some video of her.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Reilly and Mason Rock The House!!

Reilly got to hang out at Mason's the other night... they are working on a little garage band... well... in the living room!

Long, Hard Day

It was a long day in our house. Mike had an allergy attack and was up half the night. Reilly had a nightmare lso she was up from 11pm - 3 am. JUST as she fell asleep, Brooke woke up crying because her leg was stuck in the crib. Augh!

So, we all had naps today. And Brookie just looked so cute and snuggly that I had to snap a picture.

Princess Reilly

On my trip this week, I stopped in the airport to pick out a nice gift for Reilly. It is so fun that she is into more things now. They had a big princess section, so I picked out make-your-self tiaras. It came with a fun kit. So when I got home, we got to decorate tiaras. I'm not sure if Reilly was more excited about saying the word "tiara" or about wearing it and prancing around the house like a "beautiful princess."

First Foods

Brooke is now onto baby foods! We started on Saint Patrick's Day with cereal. She didn't immediately take to the whole thing, but she is getting there. And thanks to Jaime and Tayler, she had a very cute Kiss Me I'm Irish bib ;-)

Tonight, we went out to dinner, so Brooke's first *real* food was peas.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Reilly and Marek

The fourth and final post of our latest photos from our photo shoot with Amanda! These are the cutie cute photos of Reilly and Marek! They went on a berry hunt in the bushes ;-)

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Inaugural Harris Camping Trip

We took the kids to Fort Wilderness for our first ever family camping trip! We went with the Orrs and the Wrights - what a blast! The kids loved that they could just run around and get dirty!

Here they are just watching people go by. We looked over and they were just sitting around watching!

Here is Reilly and Brooke just hanging out

Marek just loves Brooke!

Here they are waiting to see the horses!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Next Stage - Bottle Holding

Brooke is just starting to show signs of holding her own bottle! I remember when this happened with Reilly because I didn't know it was a "stage," or something to look forward to because it saves mom and dad soooo much time. ;-) But now I know, and I am really excited for this step!

Reilly's Pictures

Brookie Pictures

As promised with the last post, I am putting up more pics from our latest photo shoot with Amanda McMahon. This post is all pictures of just Brookie!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Photos in the park

We just had another session with Amanda, our photographer - and it was fabulous - again! We tried going to a park this time, which proved to be very difficult for an active toddler and a baby who doesn't sit up yet ;-). But alas, we got cute photos of them separately. Also, Marek showed up - so we got some great pictures that included him as well!!

There are so many, so I'm going to put up a few now...and some later.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Brooke starts school

Brooke is almost 5 months old. She has been spending most of her days at the office with mommy and daddy - which is great, because they love seeing her all day, but it was also time for her to be around other kids and learn from them.

So today was the big adventure! Brooke happily walked...err...crawled...err...got carried into class! She is the youngest in the class by about a month, but she seemed to really love it! She went right away to the teachers with big smiles on her face. This picture is of her laying on a big stuffed animal and taking in the new room.

And since Reilly is at the same school, her teacher brought her in to see her mid-day. A nice treat for both of them!

The best part of the day?? Picking her up and seeing her greet us with that big, toothless grin!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Don't Bug Me!

Brooke fell asleep while Mommy was getting ready today - laying in mommy and daddy's bed. She was all sprawled out - and looked funny given the onesie she was wearing ;-)

Brooke went to the doctor for her 4 month visit. She now weighs in at 20 pounds, 3 ounces and is 27.5 inches long :-)