Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Last Night of Chanukah

Tonight was the last night of Chanukah. Reilly was really sad to hear that. Of course, she loved the presents that came with each night - but she also loved the candles. Here she is with Daddy lighting the candles.

Daddy worked for the NFL Network today, and brought Reilly back this bandanna from the Bucs game - she LOVED it and thought she was a real pirate!

I just overheard this on the baby monitor...

Reilly: (screaming) Daddy get OUT of my bed!!
Daddy: (softly...almost sadly) That isn't nice
Reilly: (screaming) YES, it is nice, now get OUT of my bed!!

So I had to walk in and see...

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cousin Charlene's Wedding

Cousin Charlene got married this weekend. We have some great video, but haven't gotten that pulled together yet. So here are a few other pics.

Here is Brooke dancing with Grandma Trudy.

Here is Reilly clapping at the reception.

Here is Brooke sleeping at the reception.

Just a cute picture!

Reilly holding her baby.

6th Night!

Mommy and Reilly on the 6th night!

Brooke and Layla

The day after Christmas, Catriona, Mike and Brooke went for a day of leisure with Jaime and Layla. Mason and Reilly were having fun at school...and Tayler was, well, not having fun at work.

Here are the two babies, who are looking closer and closer in age!

5th Night of Chanukah

We celebrated the 5th night of Chanukah after Christmas dinner. We had lots of friends and family over to celebrate with us.

Here is the Wright Family

And the Gold Family

Christmas Morning

Reilly really loved Christmas morning. She was a little surprised when she first saw everything, but she quickly warmed up and got into the opening of presents. We have video, but we will work on getting that video together soon. FOr now, here are some cute pics.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve & 4th Night of Chanukah

It is a VERY busy season for our family since we are celebrating both holidays and they are overlapping this year. Tonight was the busiest of all. First we made cookies for Santa...

Then we lit the candles...

Then we went driving around looking at Christmas lights. Reilly was excited to come home and see where Santa was, so we took her online...

Then she went to bed while mommy and daddy got the presents ready. Standby for Christmas morning updates :-)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

3rd Night of Chanukah

Brooke, Reilly and Daddy enjoying Chanukah!

Reading to Brooke

Reilly got Teddy Ruxpin for Chanukah. She loves it! Tonight she wanted to have Brooke come into her bed to read it with her.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

1st Night of Chanukah

Reilly has been looking forward to Chanukah because of all the preparation at school. Here she is the first night with the menorah!

Letter to Santa

Reilly was too scared to meet Santa this year even though Mommy and Daddy tried. So instead, she "wrote" a letter to Santa. She put it in the tree for him to pick up tonight - that way, he'll know what she wants without having to sit on his lap. ;-)

Sisterly Love

We had a nice day at home today. I walked away and when I came back I found the girls hugging :-)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Chanukah at School

Reilly had a Chanukah party at school. Here she is with some of her friends.

Here she is giving a present to one of her teachers!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Words to Live By

My friend, Liz DeCastro, who also has two little ones, just offered me these words. They make a lot of sense, so I thought they were worth posting for me to refer to, as well as for sharing with all my other mommy friends.

I need to sleep when the baby sleeps (weekends only, of course!).

I can only do one thing at a time.

I can do one big thing per day, but not two.

Enjoy the baby – they grow up VERY fast.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holiday Lights at UCF and Funny Sayings

We took the kids to UCF tonight to see the holiday lights. We tried to get Reilly to sit with Santa and she wouldn't dare. She did enjoy the ice cream and watching the lights to music.

Reilly is doing a great job potty training - only about 1 accident a day or sometimes none - yeah! Tonight, as we were leaving in the car, Reilly told us she had to go potty. We told her she needed to hold it until we got home. She had on Tinkerbell underwear and she said "Tinkerbell is going to say, don't come out, I don't want pee pee on me!" The things she says just cracks us up.

OHHHH - and the other day, we were explaining to her that we were married. And she said, "When I get married I'm going to say 'BOY - buy me a ring!" HAHAH Where does she come up with this???

Enjoying the ice cream

Daddy and Reilly enjoying the evening together

Brooke "hanging out"

Cutie, Cute, Cute

Just a cute picture we took today :-). Reilly told us to put Mommy's glasses on "my baby."

2 Months Old!

Brooke is two months old today and getting bigger and more grown-up every day. She has started to smile and is showing signs of wanting to interact more with us. This month should be a big changing month for her.

Brooke - 2 Months Old

Brooke and Big Sister Reilly

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ilene and Rob are Visiting

Ilene and Rob are in town and the girls are really taking to them! We haven't gotten any picture of them dancing to Yo Gabba Gabba yet - but here is Ilene feeding Brooke.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Decorating the Christmas Tree

It is a big month of holidays in our house - 8 crazy nights and Christmas all at once. In preparation, we decorated our Christmas tree this week. Reilly just loved it! She found all the Santa ornaments and wanted to play with them, then hung a bunch of them up. Since then, she runs into the house and wants to see her "Christmas Tree." We can tell this will be a fun year for the holidays.

Grandma Lina's Birthday

While we were in town, Brooke's Great Grandma Lina had a big birthday and we all celebrated with a surprise party. Here I am meeting a lot more of the family!

Great Grandma, Lina was GREAT with me, I loved her.

Auntie B and Cousin Devin thought I was pretty cute!

Here is Brooke with Aunt Diane

Cousin Emily

Uncle Wil

Liam and the Ladies

My three best friends from the Bay Area, Alison, Jenn and Jenique came all the way up to meet Brooke.

Liam liked checking out Brooke..."Mom, who IS this kid?"

Who knew that we'd be here 12 years after hanging in the dorms, Jenique ;-)

Jenn just got married, so I think Brooke scared her ;-) naa...not really.

Alison is a NATURAL at this...as she preps for her little bundle due in March!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Meeting the Klein's

Abby, Ari and Maera drove two hours to meet Brooke - it was so nice to see them!!

Meeting Nana

Brooke and Catriona just got back from five days in Sacramento. On that trip, Brooke got to meet much of her family. The next several posts will be pictures from there! Here is Brooke meeting Nana.