Monday, December 20, 2010

Tree Decorating

I never thought I would be the kind of parent that would dread things like decorating the Christmas tree....but alas, I'm not perfect. I know - you are SHOCKED!!

I was really debating whether I wanted to put forth all the energy to pull the tree out, decorate it, take it know the drill. But with Reilly being 4.5, she was really asking for the tree and how could you have Santa come over with no tree. So, Mommy guilt took over. While Mike was on a week-long business trip, I pulled out the tree and we started decorating. The girls did a good job helping me with the lights. Reilly found the end of each one and started stringing them together. I was very impressed! And Brooke held on to the string so she could "help."

Once we got to the ornaments (note, no pictures)...Reilly still did great putting them on. She didn't really get the concept of spreading them out, but still. Brooke on the other hand, would take off two for every one that Reilly put on. After about 15 minutes, I decided it would be best to do a little each day :-) I mean, spreading out the fun is better, right?!?

So after about 3 days, the tree was up. I did skip tinsel this year - but really, I like it without! And less mess! It isn't a PERFECT tree, but it's our tree. Each day Reilly adds a new decoration, which adds to the fun.

Now....about taking it down...

Thursday, December 16, 2010


We had a busy, and fun 8 nights of Chanukah! The girls were very excited to open their gifts each night, and especially enjoyed an afternoon with Grandma Trudy, Aunt Lauren, Uncle Zo and Cousins Rachel and Ben!

On one night Reilly sung with her class at a community celebration, and we got to watch an ice sculptor make a menorah.

Monday, December 13, 2010

November in California - Part 2

After we had a fabulous time in Sacramento, we headed to San Francisco for two days. We met up with Cousin Maera, and let the girls have a playdate in the city. The enjoyed a morning of bagels and running around the city. We took them for walks, went shopping, and went to see the big Christmas tree in Union Square. It was a great trip!

Brooke, Reilly and cousin Maera

Checking out the Union Square Christmas tree

Watching the ice skaters in Union Square

Sunday, December 12, 2010

November in California - Part 1

We just had a fabulous trip to California. We took the girls out to spend Thanksgiving with my family in Sacramento. The key right now is to keep them busy, so we did! We took them out on walks with their Aunts, we took them to the snow, we took them shopping - and they met Santa. It was a good trip that is told best through pictures...

Snow sledding with Aunt Amanda and Aunt Patricia

Mommy and Brookie

Here is our "binky" snowman

Lounging on the stairs with Aunt Patricia

With our cousins, Logan and Lucien!

Heading out on a walk with Amanda and Patricia

Out for a cold California walk

Meeting Santa!