Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Brooke starts school

Brooke is almost 5 months old. She has been spending most of her days at the office with mommy and daddy - which is great, because they love seeing her all day, but it was also time for her to be around other kids and learn from them.

So today was the big adventure! Brooke happily carried into class! She is the youngest in the class by about a month, but she seemed to really love it! She went right away to the teachers with big smiles on her face. This picture is of her laying on a big stuffed animal and taking in the new room.

And since Reilly is at the same school, her teacher brought her in to see her mid-day. A nice treat for both of them!

The best part of the day?? Picking her up and seeing her greet us with that big, toothless grin!


Mommy said...

Layla told us that she loves having Brooke in her class!

Trudy said...

Ahhhh.... Brooke's growing up too fast!