Thursday, May 13, 2010

Potty Training?

Last night Brooke pooped on the potty...literally!

ON the potty.

She was in the bathtub and said "Out...poop." So I took her out..and she walked to her kid potty, opened it up and tried to sit on it. She has a hard time getting on the seat. As she was struggling to get on it, she pooped. So you see, she pooped on it - not in it. But the concept was there, and we haven't been working with her. So that is good!

But once she saw the poop she started to cry -- oh well! It is a good step!


Grandma Trudy said...

What a brilliant child!!!!!!!!!!

Aunti B. said...

It will not be long now. You can say good by to diapers.