Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day!

I remember Mother's Day as a child. I don't have any one specific memory, but I remember what many kids probably do -- making cards at school...making breakfast...all those good things. After my Mother's Day today, I need to go back and talk to my mom about what her Mother's Day was really like....because mine was a challenge!!

Reilly is at a great age, almost 4, loving, cuddly - just great! Brooke on the other hand is 18 months and FULL-FORCE into the Terrible Twos. She bites, scratches, screams and throws a temper tantrum to top all temper tantrums!

In the morning, Mike and the girls gave me my present and I was so excited!! We got new bikes and one of those carts for the kids to go in. I've been wanting this for months and was exicted to try it out! We got dressed to go for a long ride...and 4 minutes in, I had to put the breaks on because Reilly was screaming in the cart as Brooke was biting her and pulling her hair. We tried to go on, but Brooke kept it up. We finally turned around and dropped Mike and Brooke back at home while Reilly and I continued on.

Then there was lunch...Mike had reservations at a nice place, and I convinced him that our kids couldn't handle it - so we went to Chili's. While we were there Brooke threw food all over the ground and upset the other we left and took our food to go. We then cancelled our dinner reservations....and opted to have dinner at home.

Dinner was much the same, Brooke threw her entire plate on the floor....twice. So early to bed for that one!

Mike tried so hard to plan such a fun day, but there was just nothing that could happen without a lot of stress. I'm wondering if Mother's Day changes as the kids get older...or if it is always a struggle? Oh well...I sit here and eat chocolate to de-stress!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!! (and some pictures from our day today...)


Grandma Trudy said...

Sounds like a great Mother's Day was planned and it's the thought that counts....

Alison said...

Hope you got a nice big glass of wine in there too!!

Aunti B. said...

These are the Mother's Days that you will remember.