Sunday, May 31, 2009

Reilly's New Bike

Ever since hanging out with Amanda and Patricia in California last month, Reilly has wanted a Disney Princess bike.

Mike went and picked it up last weekend, put it together, hid it successfully in our closet. But, we did discover that at 3 years old, kids start to out-smart you. You see, the box to the bike was in the garage. We had it covered with other things, but that didn't keep it from Reilly.

On Wednesday, she stopped in her tracks and said, "Mommy, what is THAT??" I quickly came up with, "Uh, we found that box in the road, somebody left their garbage so we picked it up." She looked at me like I was crazy, but appeared to have bought it. Phew!!

On Thursday, we were again walking through the garage and she says to me, "I'll be in in a minute Mommy, I want to get my princess bike out of this box first." She said it so casually - ha! So I again told her about somebody leaving the box outside. This time I got a look like, "Am I really THAT dumb?!?" But she appeased me and came inside.

So this morning, Mike said to her, "Reilly, did you get everything you wanted for your birthday?" And she said, "Yes." Then paused and said "Except my bike." So you can imagine how happy she was to walk into the living room and see the bike! She hopped right on and road it like a pro!


Second Shift Mommy said...

That's awesome - it's getting harder and harder to trick them!

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Regina said...

I am impressed!