Saturday, May 9, 2009

California...knows how to party

We just got back from almost two weeks in California. It was the first trip we have taken as a family of four - and wooooweeee! We were busy! We flew into Sacramento, saw some of my family - then dropped the kids off. Reilly stayed with my dad and his family, and Brooke stayed with Aunt B.

Both girls had a great time bonding with their California family. While they were there, Mike and I went to our San Francisco office to work for a few days. Afterwards, we spent time in both Sacramento and San Francisco with the girls. Reilly learned the song "California...knows how to party" (hence the title of this post!), and learned a little about geography and the fact that we live in Florida and some of her family lives in California. She and Brooke both did awesome on the flights!

Here are some pictures of our adventures.

When we went to the Bay Area, we stayed with Jenique, Brad and "Baby" Liam.

Brooke and Liam first met in December when she was 6 weeks old and he was 4.5 months old. Here they are meeting again at almost 7 and almost 10 months old!

This is a great picture! I met Jenique while in our freshman year at Saint Mary's. At some point that year, I also met Alison - though we didn't actually become friends until after we graduated. In any case - these are all our kids - FUN! Reilly was a little out of sorts being the big kid in the crowd with nobody her size. The little one sitting up is Liam (Jenique and Brad's son) and the newborn laying down is 6 week old Andrew (Alison and Brandyn's son)

Jennifer, Mike, Reilly and Beeper (Jennifer and Dave's cute new dog!)

Aunt Abby and Brooke

Reilly and Maera had a playroom full of toys - but chose to play in the bathroom - hahah!

Dennis was working on his rental house, so we stopped to see him. He was showing us around the backyard and stopped and put his foot up like this, and Reilly followed-suit without prompting. I think she really liked him ;-)

Brooke was exhausted after a day of traveling!

Reilly riding BART, the subway in San Francisco. She loved being on the train!

After getting off BART, we walked to the office to let the staff see Reilly and meet Brooke. It was really raining, so we took a look at our itinerary and decided to cut some things short (like playgrounds!) So we hopped in a cab and headed down to the Pier. Here is Reilly checking out the sea lions at Pier 39 - we felt like such tourists in a city we lived in for years!

After a fun time at the Pier, we walked up Telegraph Hill to North Beach - where Mike and I lived before moving to Florida. It is only a few short blocks, but they are straight up hill! Oh, and it was still raining! We are at the bottom of our block in this picture. Just over my right shoulder is the building we used to live in.

While on a walk of our old neighborhood, we stopped at Washington Square - and actually ran into our old neighbor! For a big city, it really is a small place!! Anyways, while we were talking to Rob, Reilly broke out her animal crackers to feed the birds. Mike dubbed her the "Bird Lady of Washington Square."

During our long walk through the city, we walked through this nice park where Mike and I used to go for lunch. Reilly loved the water fountain and stopped for a picture with her daddy!

Brookie was there too!!


Auntie Patricia loved to hold Brooke, in fact her and Amanda liked to "share time" holding her. I can't believe I didn't get ANY pictures of Amanda with her!!

Grandpa Sweeney and Brooke

Brooke and Nana

While we were in Sacramento, Patricia had her first communion. Reilly said she was a beautiful princess, and she was! Here is a picture of Reilly with Amanda and Patricia.

Aunt Di playing with Brooke

After the first communion, we had a margarita party for Bridget. Aunt Di decided Brooke should give the glasses a whirl while hanging out in the drink tub ;-)

Here is Patricia with Reilly on these fun bikes!

Mike tried too!

I think he should leave it to the kids!


Trudy said...

Great fun and great pictures!! .. It makes me lonesome for all the great times Dave and I had visiting you guys in California.

Amber said...

What a great looking BUSY trip! :) We missed you all!