Sunday, May 31, 2009

3 Years Old

Reilly will be 3 tomorrow - wow! As a parent, you always hear how fast the time will go...but as with many don't truly understand this until you one day sit back and go - WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?!? That is where Mike and I are this weekend as we watch Reilly turn 3 and turn into a kid. The first three years of her life have been great - we are really blessed! It hasn't always been easy, but it sure has been fun. To celebrate, Mike put together this video of her first three years. We played it at her birthday party yesterday (pictures of that to come). Click on the box below and it will start to play.

A little reflection on where Reilly is right now.... At 3 years old, Reilly is very independent. She likes to try things before getting help, which means we often hear the phrase, "No Mommy and Daddy, I'll do it myself." She is very outgoing, she very rarely gets shy in new groups or in social situations. She isn't a big sleeper - we struggle to get her in bed by 9, and she is almost always up by 6. And when she wakes up, she likes to watch a "show." She loves playing with her friends and family - and often talks about her Nana, Grandpa and Grandma in California (and when she says California, it kinda sounds like Gov. Arnold is saying it ;-) ) She is thoughtful and always likes to play with Brooke and make her laugh. She is a good kid.

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