Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I took Reilly to see Riverdance tonight. She was very excited to go she the "dance stars" like the ones in her book about Katy the Duck. She did a pretty good job getting there, sitting and waiting until the show was supposed to start. But then it was 15 minutes late which really set her back. It meant about 30 minutes into the show she had had it.

The show has moments where it gets really quiet - and unfortunately 2 year olds like to talk during those times ;-) At one point one of the dancers was shirtless and Reilly shouted out "That dancer has NO shirt on."

Oh well, I think she had a good time for a bit ;-)

Here she is waiting for the show to begin.

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Alison 'n Brandyn said...

What a great/fun experience for you and Reilly!! LOL at the no shirt part! Out of the mouths of babes!!