Sunday, January 25, 2009

At the Park

We went to the park with The Orr's this weekend. Reilly and Marek had a blast playing on the tall slides and climbing all over the place. There was a underground "megaphone" toy - where you can talk to somebody at the other end. "Funny Mike" (as Marek calls him) was pretending to be a dinosaur as the kids talked to him on the other end. They liked it until he offered to come out from underground ;-)

Mike being an underground dinosaur

Amber, Kevin and the kids talking to the "dinosaur"

Reilly and Marek taking a snack break

Reilly on the slide

Brooke just hanging out through all the playing!

Here is Reilly climbing up the ladder


amberorr said...

Love the park! Except for the chic in the green. Can you photoshop her out?

They had a blast! Plus of couse the Townhouse was great too. Maybe we need to do that again next week?

Harris said...

Yeah - not sure who that chica is - get a life, lady!!


Townhouse next week sounds great to me!