Thursday, January 29, 2009

2 Year Old Tantrums

The 2 year old tantrum is mysterious. It often comes with no reason or warning.

Round One...

Take tonight for example. We picked Reilly up from school, as we do every day. At first, Reilly was very excited as usual. But as we were standing there getting an update from her teacher, she lost her mind. She screamed out "umbrella!", hit her dad and fell to the floor crying hysterical. We had no idea what brought it on, it was just there - and in our face.

As a parent, this is a difficult situation. You want to discipline, but you also want to just get your kid in the car and go home. So, at first, Mike tried disciplining her. Her reaction? She ran under the art table where he couldn't reach her. Her teacher looked at me and said, WOW - she has been so good all day. Hmm..

So, then we tried the "Bye, Reilly - we are leaving" approach. Her reaction? Screamed "nooooooo" from under said art table.

Eventually we discovered that an umbrella was what she wanted, so I ran to get one from the car while she waited at the door with Daddy and Brooke.


Round Two...

After a nice car ride home... we were approaching the house...just down the street actually and Reilly lost her mind again. Started yelling. And here is how the conversation went from there:

Mike: Reilly, do you want to walk home?

Reilly: Yes

Mike: (stops car) You do?

Reilly: (calmly) Yep. Are you going to walk with me?

Mike: No

Reilly: Well, I cant open the door.

Mike and I looked at each if to, what do we do now. It wasn't the answer we expected from her.

Mike got out of the car, started to unbuckle her so she could "walk" and Reilly said "See you at home, Mommy"

I turned so she couldn't see my laughing out loud...and as the cars behind us got annoyed because they couldn't get around, Mike put her back in her seat and we all drove home.

And the winner of this round is.....Reilly!

Grr...we'll win one next time.


Jennifer said...

this is hysterical. i wish i could have seen her say, "see you at home!" hahaha.

Amanda McMahon said...

this is really really funny. Kids have the darndest things to say.

Don't worry, you'll win next time!

Trudy said...

Hmmm.... "shades of yesteryear..."

Jenique said...

OMG! I'm crying b/c I'm laughing so hard. What a smarty pants! ;-)