Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ocean Time

Living in Florida you would think we visit the beach often, but really we don't. I can probably count the number of times we have gone in the 5 years (5 years this week, by the way!) we have lived here. Well today, we took both girls to the ocean - separately.

For months Reilly has wanted to go fishing. Our good friends Paul and Holly were nice enough to let them come down for an awesome fishing trip. Mike and Reilly headed down south early in the morning to do some fishing. Reilly had a GREAT time, and said driving the boat was her favorite part...see for yourself:

A couple hundred miles north, Brooke went to the beach with me and Grandma. If you read my post earlier this week about love bugs, you know we are in the midst of love bug season, but honestly I think it is the worst season yet. And at the beach they were SWARMING. In this video, you'll even see them fly by the camera. But back to Brooke, she loved chasing the birds and lounging in her chair!


Grandma Trudy said...

What a WONDERFUL day we all had at the beach! We must do it more often. I love watching Brookie play in the sand and chase the birds!!!!

Grandma Trudy said...

Reilly and Brooke are such great kids!!! .... They get such a "Kick out of life!" .... Reilly loved the boat ride and the fishing.... (as long as the fishes got to go back to the ocean...." and Brookie loved playing at the beach. ..... We are truly blessed to have such wonderful kids!!!!!!!