Sunday, August 1, 2010

Party Time!

I think most mothers can relate to this post.

I try hard to get away - alone - every once in awhile. Today I pulled away for a mani/pedi. Brooke was napping, and Reilly and Mike were resting by watching a movie. I figured I'd be gone for an hour. I ended up being gone two hours, and for the last hour I was feeling guilty. As a mom, you never know if you will walk in and things will be under control, or completely a wreck.

When I walked back in the house I figured everyone would be A. awake and screaming, or B. they would all be asleep. I hadn't prepared myself for the twist to B. They were all asleep. But Brooke was in her crib (no surprise), Mike was out on the couch (no surprise), and Reilly was asleep sitting up in her chair, in a party hat, a soda bottle and chip bag in her lap - looking like she crashed after a late night party!

Apparently they had been watching baseball while having a birthday party for one of Reilly's dolls. hee hee!


Alison said...

That is the funniest post ever!!!! LOVE IT! Next time you go out... you should erase the guilt... and imagine that scene - every time!!

Aunti B. said...

I suspect we will see this photo again, around freshman year. ha-ha