Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Orlando Staycation

The girls had two days off school this week as they transitioned from summer camp back into the regular school year. We decided we would take them away for a stay-cation. I mean, we live in Orlando - home of the great resorts, sunshine and pools! The girls were very excited. We took off early Sunday morning and a few minutes into the car we were hit with a terrible rain storm! Oh no!

But we were still optimistic. We arrived at the hotel and managed an early check-in. So after throwing our stuff down in the room, off to the pool we went! We were greeted by a CLOSED pool. Apparently, the pool closes when there is lightening within 5 miles of the hotel. The front desk then told me in a somber voice that it was an 80% chance that the pool wouldn't open today at all. So what do you do when you have two small kids and you are stuck inside in Orlando during a rain storm? You get creative! Luckily we brought some toys, so the kids made use of the crib and had some fun.

Luckily we lived by the 20% rule, and the pool did re-open...and closed again...but re-opened. Yeah! The girls had a great time playing with dad in the pool and lounging in the lazy river.

Each night the hotel had a swim-in movie at the pool. Reilly loved it!

On night 2, we even called her friend Charlotte and invited her to come to the pool. But the movie they advertised, Monsters Inc, was not playing. Instead it was Monster House - NOT A GOOD MOVIE FOR 4 YEAR OLDS! It was so scary, the girls couldn't watch - but we snapped a cute picture before it started!

To end the fun weekend, we took the kids to Reilly's favorite restaurant, Chili's! We had a great lunch - swim hair and all ;-)

Despite our luck with the rain and bad movie, we had a great time!

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