Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Brooke is 1!

How is it possible for a year to fly by, but at the same time for it to feel that Brooke has been part of our lives forever? In honor of her birthday, Mike and I have put together a video (YES, we are THOSE people who do a video for everything ;-) And I have also borrowed an idea from my friend, Jaime, to write a letter to Brooke. (Thanks, Jaime!)


When you were born, they laid you on my chest and I fell in love immediately! In fact, I said to Daddy and Jaime "I could do this again." (But I won't ;-)) You were a perfect newborn, you were always happy, you rarely cried and you slept well. And you and Reilly fell in love with each other instantly!

Over the last year, you have grown and changed into a toddler full of your own thoughts. Here are a couple things that you currently do:

You have the best laugh; when you laugh, the room stops to look to see whats so funny. And you laugh a lot. At school they say you are the comedian.

You are a snuggler. You are willing to sit and snuggle in the morning in bed or on the couch.

You LOVE to sleep! There is rarely a time when we get in the car when you don't fall asleep. At school you take one nap, on the weekends at home, you take 4 or 5. I mean it when I say you LOVE to sleep. Oh, but not between 5 and 9 a.m. Thanks for THAT!

In your one year you have been to Savannah, San Francisco, Denver and Sacramento. You started school, made friends, learned to crawl, got 8 teeth, started drinking milk and turned your car seat around.

More than anything though, Brooke - you made our family complete! I can't imagine our house or lives without our Brookie!



Second Shift Mommy said...

I can't see the video so I will watch it tonight - but great letter!

Second Shift Mommy said...

Something else she does - when Layla and I were leaving class yesterday she waved and said "bye bye"!

rtj123 said...

My little granddaughters are so precious and adorable!

rtj123 said...

Happy Birthday Brookie! You've brought so much happiness to our family in the past year and it does seems like you've always been with us. I have to add to mommy's beautiful letter about you... You love to throw a big ball over and over, and what I find amazing is that you throw it so straight and perfect every time!! .. It think you will be the "Harris athlete!" ... And if you're not, we will love you so much anyway, because you are the sweetest baby. You have the most delicious giggle and happiest personality. You are wonderful!!