Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Baby No More

Tonight, as I was putting Reilly to bed we had a sweet conversation. I wanted to write it down immediately so I wouldn't forget it:

Reilly: Mommy, do you know what?

Me: what?

Reilly: Tomorrow Brooke turns ONE!!!

Me; I know, and she will be a BIG girl now.

Reilly: yeah, and she won't swallow the little balls any more, so we can play Hungry Hippo.

Me: awww, together?

Reilly: yes, but I'll win because I am bigger. But I don't always have to win. Sometimes I just won't play so she'll win.

So...there you have it. Tomorrow Brooke will be one, she'll be big, and being big means she can play Hungry Hippos with Reilly. :-)


Second Shift Mommy said...

I love to be able to get into the minds of 3 year olds! So cute that she thinks being one means she can play Hungry Hippos!

Amber said...

Hungry Hippos is a must in our house too.

I just love that a 3 year believes something really magical happens from one day to the next. Makes you feel like a kid again. :) Now Brooke will be a big girl and play. :)