Monday, September 14, 2009

11 Months Old

Brooke is in her last month of being a baby - she has hit 11 months. And wow - we have been busy. I have several blog posts to get up (hopefully tonight or tomorrow).

At 11 months, Brooke has 8 teeth (at least that we can see) - she appears to be teething, so we'll see if another comes through soon. She has started saying her first words. She says Mama. This started one day when she wasn't feeling good. I swore she was saying mama, but we weren't sure. A couple days later we realized she was saying it! She also says baba (bottle) and ba (ball)...and we think dada.

She is crawling and cruising - and we are excited to see when the walking will start. She adores Reilly and shines whenever she walks in the room. At school, we are told that she gets sad when somebody asks where Reilly is. She has a lot of personality and laughs ALL THE TIME.

Here is a picture from today!

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