Monday, June 15, 2009

The "Sticker Incident"

Last night will be one of those nights you never forget. For our family it will forever be known as the night of the sticker incident. You see...Reilly and Mike went out yesterday to buy a "ball game." They came back with a Little Tykes basketball hoop. It was very fun - they had it set up in the living room and Mike was having a good time showing Reilly to dunk and shoot.

As they were playing, I was cleaning up the kitchen. I found the stickers to go with the hoop - a giant, 8 inch diameter basketball with fire coming out of it. I asked Mike if he wanted to use it on the hoop. He didn't - but Reilly said "I want it." Stickers are one of her favorite things, and I didn't think much of it. So I told her to stick it on her tummy. OOPS!

Turns out that stickers like this are industrial strength. As soon as that sticker stuck to her skin...that was it. There was no coming off. I tried to pull at it, and her skin just tugged and tugged. She was tired, which didn't help so she cried. I put lotion on it...didn't work. I sprayed Pam around the edges...didn't work. I called Poison Control...and the lady at first just told me to rip it off. I then explained that it covered her entire chest and was 8 inches and was yanking at her skin and she said "Oh my...don't pull it then." Gee - thanks!! But, in the end, she told me to soak it in vegetable oil. I did that for about 40 minutes...and no luck.

At that point, we decided it was time for Mike to take her to the After Hours Pediatrician. Luckily, on the way, he stopped at our friends, Rhonda and Carlos' house - they are both awesome doctors! As the story took a lot of vegetable oil...a few q-tips...and about 20 minutes - but Dr. Rhonda got it off! Thank you, Rhonda!! Reilly will be forever greatful -- and we won't blame the Magic's loss on the sticker incident. ;-)

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Second Shift Mommy said...

Poor baby! But I just have to laugh when I see this picture!