Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Brooke's 7th Tooth

I'm not good at keeping up on Brooke's baby book. I guess I'm not great at Reilly's either. But I am pretty good at keeping this blog up.

So, as a quick update I thought I should hop on today to say that somehow over the last 24 hours, Brooke's 7th tooth cut through. I had no idea it was coming! Over the weekend, on our drive to the beach, her 6th tooth broke through. Layla and Jaime got to listen to the tears that were part of that. But this one came in without notice. Funny how that is possible.

I tried to get a picture of the teeth, but all Brooke wants to do is stand right now...so I couldn't get her to sit still to take a picture...this was the best I could do.

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Second Shift Mommy said...

Layla still only has six!