Thursday, February 12, 2009

We have a sleeper!!

I hope I am not omening myself by writing this. But it appears that Brooke is a sleeper. Don't get me wrong, Reilly wasn't a bad sleeper. But I definitely didn't realize what a good sleeper could be like until now. At almost four months old, Brooke is sleeping through the night for the most part. Last night, in fact, she slept 11.5 hours. What a dream!!

Here is a cute picture of her last night all swaddled up! Keep your fingers crossed for tonight!


Trudy said...

I am saying a little prayer for tonight... I know Brooke will sleep well for her grandma!! (LOL)

Tootsie Roll said...

I can't believe she still lets you swaddle her!

Is she trading spots with Layla? She was up whining in the 5's this morning.

Harris said...

I swaddle her in the tablecloth though! And its the only way she sleeps. No swaddle - no sleep!