Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I'd Give My Kids the Shirt off my Back...

...and I did!!

Brooke falls asleep easily when she has her blankie. She has always been that way. She often puts it over her face and when she does she is out in a couple minutes.

She also falls asleep easily in the car. Sometimes I have been out trying to get her to sleep and she fights I find some kind of shirt and give it to her.

Well this weekend.....I cleaned the car.

Tonight I drove her home from a late dinner, hoping to get her to sleep...and she just kept fighting it. And...NOTHING in the car.

Luckily it was dark. Because I had to give her the

She fell asleep...I pulled in the driveway...and ran into the house before the neighbors could see.

The sacrifice of a mom.


Alison said...

The things we do for love!! (Or so our children will sleep!!).

Grandma Trudy said...

OMG!!!!!!! -- You really do deserve the "Mother of the Year Award" --- WOW... Rock Lane has a streaker!!