Monday, July 25, 2011

Reilly's Swim Team

Reilly did swim team last year with the Minnows - but this was her first summer as a Shark. The difference is that as Sharks they have swim meets. It was very enjoyable to watch her start to get the idea of competition. The first 2-3 meets she really didn't get it. She got to the end of the race, they handed her a ribbon. Her friends all wanted the purple ribbons because they were pretty. But the parents laughed because purple ribbons were 6th place. Reilly got a few of those ;-)

By her 4th meet she was starting to understand that blue ribbons were first place. But that still didn't mean she was competitive. She was doing fantastic, don't get me wrong. But she stops regularly during the race. Not just to have a break...but to grab a hair clip off the bottom of the pool or to chat with her friend on the sideline ;-)

The only stroke she didn't stop on was back stroke!! She is fantastic at it!! I'm looking forward to watching her grow as a swimmer. It seems to be something she really enjoys.

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