Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday, Reilly!


5 years old?!? How did that happen. Somehow 4 sounded like a baby still, 5 sounds like such a big girl! You are such a sweet, loving girl. You care about all others around you - friends and family. You have lots of friends and are very social.

At home you love to help us around the house, help your sister and hug mommy and daddy. You really love your sister and love taking care of her - even if she isn't always so nice to you ;-). You help her get dressed, you brush her teeth, you help her with her boo-boos and you love to snuggle with her.

You love spending time with your Grandma and calling Grandpa and Nana and skyping with Ben and Charlotte.

At school, you love art and dance. You are the tallest girl in your fact there is only one kid taller than you, and he is 6 months older. You are the light of my life. I love you!!


5th Birthday Breakfast

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Grandma Trudy said...

Happy 5th to my darling granddaughter Reilly!!!! -- I hope your life is always as happy and joyful as it has been for the first 5 years of your life. You have made so many people so happy!!! -- Reilly, you are a JOY!