Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ms. R

When I was in kindergarten I lived literally NEXT to my elementary school. So I would spend weekends on my bike and with my friends (Monica and Jonathan) at the school. I remember spending a great deal of time specifically on those weekends inside the kindergarten playground. It was fenced in and locked, but my sister and I used to hop the fence, or climb the tree and then jump down on the other side.

There were these large wooden bins that were probably 8 ft wide, 8 ft long and 6 feet tall (maybe it wasn't that big, I was small). Wendy and I would climb that and lay up there and play up there, it was such fun.

OK, OK so this blog isn't about my point. Sometimes if we jumped up high, we could also see inside the classroom. And sometimes on the weekends, we could see next week's letter person! You know the letter people right? Back then they were balloons and they came with a cassette tape that taught you about that letter. I looked forward to those letter people each week, they were magical!

Fast forward 28 years, and Reilly is in Pre-K and has the letter people program. They are now stuffed animals and are just as admired by her and her friends as they were by me and my friends. This week marks week 26 for her of the program -- the last letter, Q! And to end the program they do a really cute event where Q marries U, because afterall they are always together. To celebrate, each child was encouraged to dress as their favorite letter person.

Reilly, obviously loves the letter R. But R, is Mr. R, so with some convincing I got her to let me turn her into the female version of Ms. R who loves ribbons and rainbows. Well, I didn't have rainbows on hand, so we went with ribbons.

I have to say that some of the parents went WAY out - but I thought we put in a pretty good effort. And I hope Reilly has fond memories of the letter people, just as I do!


Grandma Trudy said...

I love it!!! Reilly always makes my heart sing!! Reilly is so very special!! ----- THE R GIRL ------

Susan M. Heim said...

Congratulations! You won the Hershey's Easter Prize Pack on Susan Heim on Parenting! Please email me at smhparent at hotmail dot com with your full name and mailing address. Thank you! (Sorry, I didn't have an email or Twitter address for you!)