Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Difference

You hear about it...but you don't believe it. No two kids are alike.

When I was pregnant with Brooke people told me that. But I didn't really believe it. I compared the pregnancies, I compared their early days, and now I have realized I can't compare them. They are two different kids.

Reilly loves to hug. Brooke doesn't want to be touched.
Brooke loves ketchup, will eat it with a spoon. Reilly hates ketchup, doesn't want to see it on her plate.
Reilly is a rule follower. Brooke pretends not to hear the rules.
Brooke will choose veggies over a brownie. Reilly will always choose a brownie.

Two different kids with two different personalities - who both love each other.


Aunti B. said...

That's what makes it fun to watch them grow, their individuality.

Grandma Trudy said...

Brooke is her daddy's clone... Reilly is her mommy.

Their both so delicious... but I do believe as Michael's mommy, Brooke will be "the challenge."

Brian was "vanilla"

Lauren was "strawberry"

Michael was "chocolate"

No kids ARE alike!