Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rough Month

It has been a rough month in the Harris house. Brooke spent 4 nights at Grandma's - which always throws her schedule off...and on her first day home we started potty training. She sure is ready, so the timing was ideal. But that same day...she was trying to talk with her binkie in her mouth...and Mike told her to take it out because he couldn't hear her. When she took it out, he said, throw it away - and she did!!! SO....we went with it...but AUGGGGGHHHHH!!

We had 8 nights of hellllll! She refused to go to bed, she screamed and screamed and screamed for hours each night. But on the 9th night - all was calm. It has now been over two weeks and she hasn't asked for the binkie in a couple of days...and she is doing great at potty training! She has 0-1 accidents a day at school...more at home.

So this weekend her little friend Lily came over for a playdate. It was more like a potty date. Inside of 2 hours those girls probably each *went* to the toilet a dozen+ times. But they had a blast!!

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Grandma Trudy said...

Go Brookie!!!! Soon you'll be using the powder room on a regular basis!