Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pee, Blood & Tears

This post is not for the faint of heart!

One of my earliest childhood memories includes peeing on my mom. Yep, that's right - I peed on her. We went to the doctor for my pre-kindergarten check-up and I had to pee in a cup. My mom held the cup for me and I peed all over her.

I have thought about this memory many times over the past couple years when I am at the pediatrician. I figured when Reilly was ready for kindergarten I would do the same.

Well the day of peeing in a cup came....early!! Apparently they now do that for Pre-K!!

Reilly and I showed up for her appt, and we were promptly given the cup marked "Reilly Harris." Reilly thought it was the funniest thing that she would be peeing in the cup and insisted that she could do it on her own. Once I convinced her she couldn't - it actually went pretty smoothly! And here is the cup to prove it! (See, I warned you!)

Poor Reilly though - it was a rough appointment, with finger-prick, shots and all. But one unexpected item was that Reilly had 5 bug bites, and one of them was infected. I had the doctor look, thinking it wasn't a big deal. Turns out it was pretty severely infected. He ended up squeezing it -which didn't go over well with Reilly.

We had to go back the next day because it was so infected she couldn't walk - a couple visits to the doctor, dozens of hot compresses and a few days of antibiotics later, it is looking better. But here is what it looked like on day 3 (and yes, I did warn you about this post!)

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Alison said...

Oh my! That was QUITE a week!! Hope she's on the mend now!