Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Family pictures tell a story...

A story of good times...

A story of funny moments...


And sometimes the best stories are in the outtakes. With that, may I present to you what happens when you try to get 6 grandkids (2 teenagers and 4 kids age 1-5) to take a picture with one Grandma!

Things to point out in Picture 1:
A. Teenagers (Devin and Cody) are happy enough to be going along with this photo opp...Cody is even trying to keep Lucien happy.
B. Lucien's Daddy (Randy) is trying to convince Lucien to take the photo
C. Logan is bored and appears to be playing with grass
D. Reilly is missing completely. What you can't see is that she is throwing a fit off camera because she doesn't want to take a photo.

Picture 2
A. Daddy has mostly left the picture, but Lucien is still not happy.
B. Reilly is still missing.
Picture 3
A. Devin and Cody are starting to get annoyed...apparently because Logan has left the picture
B. Lucien has given up
C. Reilly has joined the picture, but you can't see her face
D. Brooke is annoyed that Reilly has joined the picture

Picture 4
A. Teenagers now have on fake smiles in hopes that this event is now over
B. Logan now has an attitude as if to say "I'm back!! Now what??" (By the way, he gets that from his mother!)
C. Reilly appears to be happy, though we can't see her face
D. Brooke looks frightened...I think it is because there are 6 moms, aunts and uncles staring at her with a camera!

We never got the perfect picture...but I like these better. They tell quite the story!!

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