Sunday, January 3, 2010

Moo, Baa & No, No, No

Tonight we hit a milestone. There are a couple times in my life (thus far) as a parent, where I felt one of my girls really turned a corner. Tonight was one of those moments. I sat down to read books with Brooke...normally this is me just reading 3 or 4 boks while she is restless and trying to grab other books off the shelf. Tonight we read "Moo, Baa, La, La, La" and she was really into it. I said "A cow says..." and Brooke responded "moooo." She did the same thing for sheep...and then she followed that page by wagging her finger and saying "no, no, no" which is the next line and how I always do it. She then made me read those pages over and over again.

I know, this sounds silly - but I felt like we had one of those milestone moments where our conversations are no longer just one way. I laughed so hard when she did the no, no, no that she couldn't stop laughing too.


RYD said...

Sandra Boynton is awesome. You should definitely get her whole library - my kids (now almost 8 and 5) loved every one.

Grandma Trudy said...

Brookie is so bright! When I was there last week I asked her if she wanted cheese and she nodded her head up and down. When I asked her if she wanted a drink, she nodded "no" by shaking her head. I was amazed!! ... I know just how you feel!!!! It's a great feeling!!