Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Early Thanksgiving

The girls both had Thanksgiving celebrations in class. We didn't make it to Reilly's - but she had a great time and talked all about the different foods they tried. We were also greeted by this Thanksgiving greeting from her - what could be better???

We did make it to Brooke's class. They played games and feasted on turkey, corn muffins, sweet potatoes, green beans and applesauce. The teachers put on a great party, it was a lot of fun. And watching the kids at this age, in their element is a lot of fun. They know how to sit with their friends and eat like big kids. Super cute! We also caught a little video of Brooke taking a few steps!

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rtj123 said...

Can't believe what a big girl our Brookie is already! She is ready for the "debutante ball!"