Monday, August 17, 2009

Reilly's Kids

Reilly has entered a very girlie stage. She loves to wear dresses and after a year or so of yellow being her favorite color, she has decided that she also likes pink, "I like pink a little too, mommy."

As part of this stage - she loves all her dolls, stuffed animals and Barbies. She calls them her kids. At any given moment she will have anywhere from 1-10 kids - depending on how many are laying around. She has one "kid" that she leaves in her cubby at school to sleep with - always has at least one "kid" in the car - and takes the rest with her wherever she goes.

When we are at home playing, she acts out events with the kids. She takes them to school, drops them off, naps with them, takes them to movies, etc. Sometimes, I am also one of the kids (I like this!). She'll pretend to drop me off at school, tells me she loves me and she'll see me this afternoon - then she'll put on my heels, grab my purse and be off to "work."

When she wakes up in the middle of the night and comes to our bed - she'll come with her kids in hand.

She is also in a very loving stage and keeps telling me and Mike how much she loves us. The other day when we picked her up from school she said, "you guys are the best mommy and daddy." Gotta love that!

Here is a picture of her last night in her bed. She has about 8 Barbie dolls and one stuffed animal "Big Dog" in bed with her.


Second Shift Mommy said...

Reilly needs a bigger bed to fit all her kids! Don't you love the lovey stage they are in? And their imaginations right now?

rtj123 said...

Can we "freeze dry" this stage of Reilly's life?? It is such a sweet time!

Love you Rei-Rei


Alison said...

Soooo sweet!!!