Thursday, July 30, 2009

Two Mommies

With each step of motherhood, I am amazed even more than the step before. I have said this before, but there is SO much I was unprepared for. You don't realize during the 9 months of pregnancy, just how fast those infants will turn to toddlers and how quickly they will understand the world around them...and better yet, question and explore the world around them.

This amazement came to me, once again, this week. Reilly told Mike she wanted to replace him with a mommy. We were both hurt and insulted - she wanted to replace us. No, no, no...she explained. She didn't want to replace us, she just wants to have two mommies, like one of the children in her class does. She doesn't think it is fair that he gets two mommies - furthermore, she doesn't understand why she only has one mommy and daddy.

The conversation came up again after leaving school the other afternoon. I mentioned how lucky Reilly is that both Mike and I drop her off and pick her up every day. I said something about how most kids only have one parent at pick-up/drop-off, but because we work together we both come. She shifted that conversation and said, "yep, you both come...but Joshua has TWO mommies."

For now, it has passed as a quick conversation. But I suppose at some point I will have to explain more as to why he has two mommies. I feel like that conversation comes the same one about the birds and the bees - and I am just not ready for that. My how different her childhood is from mine. :-)


Second Shift Mommy said...

All of the kids have been asking about this...just be happy that yours didn't pair the question with "Who is God?" (before your morning coffee).

I think it's great that the kids are exposed to all different kinds of families.

Harris said...

Totally - it will ease the transition for them later in life. It is normal to them, which it should be. But it certainly brings up questions earlier than I would like ;-)

Alison said...

LOVE this story!! And you're so right- their childhood IS so different from ours!