Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Harris' Have Been Tagged

Apparently, bloggers are getting "tagged" now. Does that mean we are tech geeks? Or could it be cool? ;-) Not sure. In any case. Thanks to our good friend, Alison over at A, B and Baby C for tagging us!

7 Weird Things About Catriona

1. I played the trombone in my high school marching and jazz bands (maybe not weird, just geeky - ha)

2. I am one of six girls (its a millennium family, but six none-the-less)

3. For the few people who don't know this, Mike and I had one of our first dates at O'Reilly's - hence the name of our oldest daughter!

4. I read every book in the Babysitter's Club series when I was a kid - I LOVED them!

5. I took Irish Dancing for several years (before it was made popular by River Dance)

6. My favorite class in college was the one that I got the worst grade in. It was a Jan Term class called The End of the World. The teacher didn't think I was creative enough

7. I have been to 3 NFL games - the first two were playoff games and I was on the field

And now I am tagging:
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Alison 'n Brandyn said...

I'm glad you played!! So fun!! I knew some of that about you... guess I didn't calculate how much estrogen there is in the Sweeney blood!! Very funny about the Jan Term class!!

amberorr said...

Awesome, I played the french horn in middle school, and I was terrible!!! That lasted all of one year. I'll have to do this, and add it to my blog. Too cute!

Tootsie Roll said...

Okay, how did I not know you were a Babysitter's Club fan? I would wait for them to be released each month. In fact, when I was at Disney looking at a roof last week and went over to Tom Sawyer's Island I was thinking back to the Special Edition Babysitter's Club book where they went on a cruise and then to Disney World. Remember that one?

I will post 7 weird things about myself tomorrow. Except, wait, there's nothing weird about me.

Rachel Marshall said...

Ditto on The Babysitter's Club books!!!! (though that probably doesn't surprise you...)